Let me Guide You Through the Rough Roads of Investment and Various Aspects of Finances


I am Sonu Ahluwalia and through this conversational blog I would be throwing some light on the financial aspects that compose our daily life, such as spending money, saving, earning, debt handling, investments and much more.

It is a fact undoubtedly true, that our education system is still devoid of the discipline and coaching about money matters. But this hasn’t been recognized or should I say realized as a setback of our education system. It is imperative that the children be taught about the importance of money, so as to introduce its basic knowledge. In my opinion, schools ought to teach personal finance lessons/subjects today. Right from the childhood, things like “saving pocket money”, “opening an account”, “basic bank operations” etc. should be introduced.

You all must have noticed that in the contemporary society, at the age of 23-24, most of us start working for financial independence. Then one begins to learn about money management, investment etc. An in-depth awareness of this becomes slightly impossible due to the work obligations and one never has time to learn about money resulting in lack of insight in personal finance sector. And the outcome is that you end up making wrong investments like blindly choosing mutual funds which your friends/family are buying, purchasing policies to avoid tax (which in turn reduces in value over the years) and so on.

In our country, a parent usually says “you don’t need to worry about money or don’t think about money now, you should try to build a career first. Money can be earned later.” Well, money has to be earned later, but we need to be aware about it before we start earning, isn’t it?

Here, in this blog, I save you from the tiresome job of scanning endless pages of lengthy books or magazines to gain knowledge about money and the related aspects. My purpose, hence, would be to guide you through your financial and investment-based endeavours, which I know, can be a true horror if done without any prior understanding or knowledge. So, browse through my posts and I shall be more than happy to answer your queries.

I hope to provide you with best suggestions and advice.
Thanks for being here!

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